Wednesday, February 21, 2007

chutes and ladders

My installation was like a game of chutes and ladders. There were times where I was climbing up all of the ladders, but then I fell down a chute. I realized my idea was there, but it didn't completely lend itself to the viewer. The viewer found no purpose in interacting with my installation. They would climb the ladder only to find words, and to most people that is not satisfying. I needed a hook, a way to draw people up the ladder and to help the viewer understand where to go on the ground. Sure people felt uncomfortable, but that was it. There was no inner satisfaction of meaning or feeling just a wow I climbed a ladder and now I am going to have to get down. I think the words were not enough and I feel the words are an after thought. I think my main purpose was not just to make people feel uncomfortable but to give them satisfaction in what they were doing. Even though my classmates made a lot of great suggestions I feel this project needs to go on a list of things to work out later.


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