Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cynthia Atwood

I went to see the work of Cynthia Atwood with my alternative photo on fabric class. Cynthia Atwood is a local artist that works with fabrics and composition to compose amazing works of art. Each has its own little perfections and surprises. Cynthia was there to give us a talk about her work. She told us she works with fabric because of the texture and feel as she works with the medium. The interesting thing is it is only a personal experience that she gets to have for she has plastered the walls with do not touch signs. The works have a very natural and organic flowing feeling. They seem almost plant like. Each piece was created by tucking and stiching, both hand and machine, until Cynthia thought it was completed. She explained that some pieces take three or four times to complete for she will change her mind on the color. She also explained that one of her pieces was completed but the fabric got a stain on it, so she had to unstich and restich new fabric onto her piece. The room flowed as the work gave the room a calm and relaxing feeling. Cynthia's work was whimsical for I could imagine a world where these pieces would come to life.


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