Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Project 2

With the recent boom in the fascination with celebrity lives I thought I wanted to take a topic that splits off from that. The idea that we look at these people as role models for how we act or how we should look like is ridiculous. Of course there are some good role models that are also celebrities but there are also the daddy rich girls that flaunt about with barely anything on and barely holding on to a good reputation. I often think "how do these people perceive themselves"? Do they think " I am pretty and just having fun, deal with it".

I am glad my childhood was great with reassuring parents and brothers that were great role models, well maybe not for everything. Is there no one in our world today that is secure with who they are? Are we just going to inject and suck out everything including our souls? What about our negative view towards our bodies? Why can't people get that we look beautiful when we are natural not sticks with limbs? I want to take the idea of perfection and body image to the extreme. I want to show how celebrities are human too. They can't look perfect forever. There comes a time in life when you ask is it all worth it or do I just want to be myself?

I hate our society laughs at peoples problems. Some problems are just not a laughing matter. If I was at the fucking View when the audience was laughing at Rosie when she was poking fun at Anna Nicole Smith (just hours before her death!) I would of gotten up at yelled at everyone. Who the fuck thinks someone's problems is a laughing matter. It is not funny that she has problems with drugs or to make fun of someone who probablly has very negative views towards themselves. I want people to see what we look at and what we aspire to be. Our society has made us completelly insecure with our bodies but it isn't completelly their fault for as humans we have brains, most of us know right from wrong. The question i have for you is "If a celebrity asked you to jump off a brige would you do it?".


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