Tuesday, April 03, 2007

phase 1

My first phase of this project is dealing with the idea of perfection in men. It isn't just women who strive to find perfection in their bodies, men do it just as much whether they want to admit it or not. Of course when your job depends on showing off an amazing body you do whatever it takes to keep it in that shape. But we all know someone who is older can not have the amazing body that they had when they were twenty when they a hell of a lot older, well maybe with a diet, created by a nutritionist then cooked to perfection by a personal chef and then a crazy finatical trainer to whoop their ass into shape.

We would all be tight and buff if we had the time, energy and resources to do so. Why do men feel inferior when they are lazy couch potatoes who sit on their ass eating greasy food saying that they could look like those male fitness models if they wanted to. Some do strive and succeed in becoming the next fitness model but as we all know you have to start off with the right genetics. Sometimes we just don't realize that we can only make our body go so far. Some people, know matter what they do will always have a bigger shape then skinny people.

I got a little off track, men who strive for perfection. where do they find the model to base perfection off of? Do they go around looking in every book to see what is perfection? My guess is they open up the next magazine and see a model (whose job is to look amazing) and say I need to look like that. But why do some do this and others don't because hell some of us can say fuck perfection, I am happy eating what I want and exercising when I feel like it. We weren't made with two feet for nothing. Just using your body to get from point A to point B should be enough to keep you on track.

On to my project for this phase. I am going to make emulsion lifts of who other than former gym rat Arnold hmself and use them to incorporate into a book of some fashion. I would like to add maybe some writing or drawing on these lifts to add some dimension and meaning to the piece. I was thinking to show transformation from a sculpted man of perfection to the slightly out of shape man he is today, the Governator.


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