Tuesday, April 03, 2007

phase 2

Going along with perfection I move onto the women. To me, women strive to be this stick that men flaunt around with. We look week like we will faint at anytime. When we start starving ourselves not because we don't have any food but because we want to look skinny there is a problem. When we start looking like victims from the Holocaust there are some issues we need to deal with. We have become insecure with ourselves and our bodies.

The images that we see today show that you need to be thin with no imperfections. You can't be that traditional girl that is average with a normal body that eats healthy. It is like we only see the two extremes people who are really thin or people who are really big. We have become fascinated with people weight and their battles with their image. We are constantly bombarded by shows who show what celebrities do or shows that show people who have gotten gastric bypass. What happend to eat right and exercise. I don't like going to the gym but i at least walk everywhere.

Girls today are looking up to people who are insecure in their own bodies that they could not possibly be able to show what normal is. Why is it that we strive to look so thin? Why do peope only seem to say you look great afteryou have lost some weight. We are getting mixed feelings from our culture around us. We are bombarded with images of the thin and the big but where are we? Where is the normal woman? The scary part is girls are starting to do unhealthy things at a younger and younger age. Kids are starting to diet, diet what the fuck. We know most people ose their baby fat when they get older. To diet a kid is like getting them ready to be the stick figure that we see.

The project for this phase is a semi installation. I have been experimenting with sound studio and I am planning to create some audio to go with the installation. I will set up a wall mirror (one where you can at least see from the torso up) and have my audio play as you walk by. I hope to have the viewer come up and stand and listen. I want them to hear what many people keep locked up in their mind. The little voice behind us in our culture.

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