Tuesday, April 03, 2007

phase 3

For my third project I am doing a journal with a not nice saying it it. I believe my idea for my projects are not a lot about celebrities and perfection but more about what people will do to their minds and bodies to try to keep up with the crowd. I had visited some sites for Pro Anna and let me say I was frightened. Girls would tell other girls how to stay skinny and what to do to resist urges. I thought this was very unhealthy especially for girls who are teenagers where weight starts to really become an issue. I thought what are these girls thinking in their minds are they too fat. A lot of girls find ways to show their progress of become skinn so they know how much more they need to do.

My project is going to be slightly different than a diary of someone who is striving to be skinny. Mine is going to be someone stuck on one thought and reiterates that thought through out their journal. I have a small black book that I plan to fill out in very nice cursive, since I have good handwriting. I hope most people will think it is a nice diary but when they start reading it hopefully it will frighten them or more likely think the person who wrote it was sick. I notice in this class and my other classes, that I am started to work with more darker ideas when it comes to my work. The interesting part is I came from a great family, sure there were difficult times but my family showed me love and affection and strive to make sure got an education.


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